Number of Volumes                             2
Number of Issues                             8
Number of Articles                             43
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Reject Rate                             36
Acceptance Rate                             32
Number of Reviewers                             128
Citations                             113
h-index                             6

Central Asian Scientific Press (CAS Press) is focusing on publishing the latest scientific and research achievements in the central asian region (Eurasia), middle east countries, other parts of Asia and as well as the world. It also seeking the newest scientific developments and technological advances in various fields of environmental and ecological perspectives. For this purpose, editorial office need the experiences from prominent professors and researchers that can increase the scientific quality of the present collection.

For reaching to better results, we are waiting for new and valuable and also high quality works of all Scientists and also scholars that work in this field and we sincerely invite for warm cooperation from review, research and also short papers for primary assessment and possible publish in this collection.

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