Techno-economic assessment model of screening step of agricultural wastes recycling to animal feed project

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Department of Environmental science, UCS, Osmania University, Telangana State, India


Agricultural wastes seem to be a valuable resource of revenue for nations and serious wastage of resources by refusing and ending up in the environment. Nowadays, lots of nations encouraged to implement industries for managing and recycling waste materials and generate animal feed. According to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) plan set by ruling organizations, industrial projects must be undergone the required assessment. The present study took the opportunity to offer an economic assessment model for the following aims of EIA in parallel with the sustainability of industrial projects. The technical assessment of the project has been underpinned based on the initial screening of the Iranian evaluator team. Initial data belongs to both the Iranian environment protection agency and Iranian industries organization in the screening step of EIA. The findings empirically suggested a model to investigate the economic statement of projects in EIA. The developed model considered an economic framework for equipment and installation costs, materials costs, facilities costs, transportation costs, employee's costs, energy consumption costs, required land and landscaping costs and discussed the methods to figure out the fixed capital wage cost, interest rate, annuity factor, total annual costs, cost of facilities replacement, cost of manufacturing, and annual depreciation costs. It can be concluded that the tabulated data can be extended for any project and in the developed model will be replaced new equations depend on project expansion. But the framework of the table and its connection with the economic equations will remain constant for any industrial & engineering project.

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Techno-economic assessment model of screening step of agricultural wastes recycling to animal feed project


  • The tabulated data picked up from the initial screening step of project identification in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • EIA plan has been defined based on materials and energy streams assessment along with an inventory of equipment and facilities for screening step by Iranian evaluator team.
  • The  tabulated data followed a connection between equations and inventory of availability to underpin the framework of an economic assessment model that is able to extend for any engineering & industrial project.


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