Climate change impacts on agriculture and food security; a global overview

Document Type : Review paper


1 Department of Plant Production and Genetics, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

2 Global Change Impact Studies Center, Ministry of Climate Change, Islamabad, Pakistan


Climate change affects agricultural production and agricultural-related factors such as food security and economic well-being. Climate and its changes in recent decades have become one of the most important global issues and one of the major environmental problems. Agriculture is one of the first sectors to be affected by these changes; because farmers are unable to control the climate. However, management and change in factors such as crop cultivation and optimization of cultivation patterns under the climate of the region, can reduce the adverse effects of climate change on the growth and yield of agricultural products and play an important role in sustainable food production. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that the average global temperature rise for 2050 will be around 3 °C and at the end of this century around 4.5 °C, causing significant economic losses at becoming world level. This article collects information on the subject of climate change, its possible causes, its forecast in the near future, its impact on the agricultural sector as an impact on plants and its potential consequences for plant growth and productivity, plant breeding strategies and examines the adaptation of plants to climate change and the impact of climate change on food security.

Graphical Abstract

Climate change impacts on agriculture and food security; a global overview


  • Climate change and rising temperatures are one of the most important environmental issues that can affect agriculture and water resources in an area.
  • One of the important consequences of climate change can be on food security. Food security depends on climate change because any change in climate factors directly affects all food components.
  • Due to the importance of climate change on the structure of the planet and its inhabitants, in recent years, as one of the most common topics, has been considered by scientific societies and many studies have been conducted to study its effects.
  • In the present paper, the effects of climate change on agriculture and food security were studied.


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