Assessment of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of rivers in the catchment area of the Salt Lake in Alborz Province of Iran

Document Type : Research paper


1 Department of Water Structures, Sari Agriculture and Natural Resources University, Sari, Iran

2 Department of Water Structures, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran



The characteristics of watersheds are influenced by various factors and parameters that have led them to be considered dynamic and active phenomena in the environmental field. Various criteria and standards have been established for watersheds that provide a suitable approach for controlling watershed conditions. Therefore, the study of watershed characteristics may include different sections. In this study, water resources and potentials in the study area are examined. The quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the salt lake watershed (sediment condition, flow velocity, precipitation, pH changes, amount of dissolved solids) in Alborz province of Iran were studied. For this purpose, the potential of surface waters and their hydraulic and hydrological conditions were evaluated. The results showed that the study area has very good water resources compared to neighboring basins and basins with the same conditions. The basin is mountainous in the northern regions and a plain with a dry climate in the lower regions. Despite the great climatic differences, the rivers have sufficient and stable water flow to satisfy the needs of stakeholders and the riparians, except on certain days of the year. However, there have always been challenges in adjacent or similar watersheds. Clearly, implementing management measures to maintain stability and increase enjoyment should be on the agenda.

Graphical Abstract

Assessment of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of rivers in the catchment area of the Salt Lake in Alborz Province of Iran


  • The salt lake catchment in Alborz province has a better water potential situation than similar basins.
  • The rivers of the salt lake catchment area in Alborz province have a suitable water capacity due to the climate.
  • Management practices in the catchment area of Namak Lake in Alborz province cause the sustainability of water resources.


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